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Stakecube platform is working again!

By Rafał - 2018-11-04

2 weeks ago Stakecube platform was hacked. The thieves stole coins like BITG, BND, BWS, CCC, CFL, DASH, DEV, KYD, LGS, LPC, NAV, PHON, PIVX, PRJ and ZEST. The value of stolen coins was about 13 BTC. After that the dev announced that he will be forced to close platform or at least change it.
(...)StakeCube will close at least in its current form...
Probably these words were spoken in anger and grief because users can use Stakecube platform again!
That was the only right way to deal with that situation. Stolen coins did not belong to Stakecube but to users and they lost that money. A lot of them lost all of their coins. Now at the platform you can find "SC-Refund-Program".
These program was made to refund all stolen coins to the users. In this tab users can check how many coins have been stolen and how many are restored. Refunds will be made every 2-3 days from the fees. Coins will be added to users accounts (dashboard).
The question is how many users will leave Stakecube platform and what kind of security improvements have been made?