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Stakebase Releases Progress Report in July 2019

By Jofor a.k.a. Cyberczar - 2019-07-08

Setting up an exchange is a complex venture. This is the reason why Stake Base team has taken tame in its beta testing to ensure that every aspect of the platform is perfect before launch.
In a recent release, the team enumerated the efforts it has made so far in the quest to meet up to the demand of the project such as security and regulatory.
The release stated that the prolonged test was meant to make sure that the platform underwent appropriate security tests such as audits by third party security entities and penetration tests. This was made to ascertain that the platform is bug free since the essence is to ensure that there are no vulnerabilities that could result in losses.
The team also highlighted that in compliance with the regulatory requirement from the platform that Stake base has partnered with the relevant third-party company to ensure integration for KYC and AML verification of potential users of the platform.
In the report, it added that it collaborated with Verif-y which is an authority in the field of customer verification. The release stated that the company is not a new player in the field having been prominent partner of many hedge fund management companies and other financial institutions.
Other aspects of development highlighted are front-end which has been hitherto minimalistic. The release stated that the beta version would be updated to make for an intuitive user experience. It also announced that ZombieSoup, a development concern is helping out with the project.
There are four new coins available for staking on the platform. There are PIVX, Phore, Navcoin and ReddCoin. It would be recalled that these are being added to the four already approved through the community coin vote. The originally approved coins are waiting final security testing.
Interestingly, the team announced that the platform already has 6000 signups despite the fact that formal marketing campaign has not commenced. It stated that this has been possible due to the commission structure of the project which has encouraged users to refer others.
Learn more about Stakebase: https://stakebase.com