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Polkadot complete rebrand is on its way

By Inkarias - 2021-01-09

With success since its market launch, the Polkadot project now enjoys a reputation and brand solution that is already well established among the flagship projects of the crypto sphere and among the most sought after today. However, the Polkadot project will be the subject of an integral rebrand, carried out via the design agency Koto which will aim to rework and highlight the different elements that make up the image and identity of the project, such as DOT token icon, typography, messaging, or more while putting project investors in the middle of the decision-making center. Indeed, most of the choices and decisions will be made on-chain and will give voice to what the community wants for the future. As shared by Katie Butler, head of marketing at Polkadot-based project Moonbeam: “All network participants can weigh in on the brand’s direction and evolution, as well as the experts who craft it. It’s quite unprecedented ”.

Brand Bounty program

The overhaul of the elements of Polkadot, called Polkadot Brand Bounty program, is a 3-phase operation under the direction of four leaders, the curators, voted to represent and bring the voice of the community to the Polkadot team. The first phase of this evolution involves the financing of Koto, for a total value of 10,150 euros paid in DOT tokens from the onchain bounty. In that way, Peter Mauric, head of public affairs at Polkadot network specified that: “Polkadot’s social contract is clear: changes to the network must be approved through its governance system, and that doesn’t just refer to code,” he explained. “Brand identity and direction are crucially important elements to a growing network like Polkadot, so it was never in doubt that these efforts would need to be led, funded, and approved by the community”

More details on this rebrand at https://polkadot.network/