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NEXO, Its Plans and Expectations

By Jofor a.k.a. Cyberczar - 2019-05-31

Nexo, the popular lending platform has outlined some of the roadmaps it is working on in its quest to continue as one of the leaders in the crypto lending sphere. The company which share the excitement of the resurgence of interest in the market and the consequent bullish scenario announced that it has a number of updates and features it has planned to meet the expectations of its customers.
According to the release, the Nexo team stated that these new features are geared towards enhancing the utility of the Nexo token in its quest to give value to clients and make investment in the token worth the while of investors.
It stated that the anticipated Nexo card has been delayed due to the circumstanced that the company could not help but assured users that its release is imminent. The statement said that the card would be released first in Europe while the release in other countries shall be in phases.
There has been demands for lower loan amounts from customers and Nexo announced that the IT behind the possible implementation of $100 loan is ready. However, the platform is waiting for more funding before the service is commenced due to the demand increase that the introduction of the $100 would promote.
With the next upgrade coming up in June, the company would be adding Tron support, so clients would be able to use the cryptocurrency as collateral for loans. The company is also planning to announce the date of the next dividend soon.
The Nexo team made the update with the realization that it has not been keeping its community abreast of the behind the scene project development efforts due to the enormity of work involved in its journey towards building a leading crypto lending platform. It however resolved to keep the community updated regularly.
The blog post regretted the misinformation that has made rounds that the Nexo project has little potential for growth and asked the community and investors to discountenance such unfounded romors.
“With the clear understanding that “you can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can’t please all of the people all of the time”, we would like now to address the misconceptions that are circulating.”
It maintained that the tokenomics stance of the team has not changed such as the 30% share of dividend among investors.
Learn more about Nexo: https://nexo.io