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Gentarium Offering Instant Loans with its new Lending P2P Platform

By Lorenzo - 2019-10-02

Gentarium is a platform that provides a way to automatically deploy masternodes as well as solving all the issues that big mining rigs encounter. Additionally, Gentarium is now also offering users a P2P Lending platform that enables customers to get instant loans protected and secured by blockchain technology.
The new lending platform can be found here and users can check how many requests and offers are available at any given time as well as how many transactions have been processed in total, making the platform completely transparent.
The process to get a loan is quite simple, users can choose from available offers or create their own, the collateral must be in Bitcoin but the receiving method can range from VISA, Mastercard to Paypal, USDT or even Ethereum as well as many more.
Gentarium Loan how to
All creditors have passed the audit conducted by Gentarium and all loans have to be secured with a Bitcoin collateral. This collateral can be stored in a multi-signature address or on the side of the service. Additionally, because Bitcoin can be a volatile cryptocurrency, when the value of the collateral decreases to the point where it’s worth less than the loan plus interest, the transaction will be automatically closed and the collateral will be refunded.
Users can also apply to give loans to other users. Gentarium provides passive income when they issue loans secured by cryptocurrencies. The user can choose the minimum and maximum amount, the minimum term, which is 1 day and the maximum term, 3 years. Users giving loans can also choose if they want to give a discount to other users as well as the loan transfer methods.
Gentarium has been part of 4 successful projects and has over 20,000 satisfied customers.