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From October 1st using Gentarium platform is no loger free.

By RafaƂ - 2018-10-01

As the developers announced few weeks ago from October 1st Gentarium masternode hosting platform is not free anymore. If you want to set up new masternode or you want your current mnodes to be still active you need to pay for it. Current masternodes will be active until October 7, if they will be unpaid until this date they will be disconnected.

From today users can see their GTM balance and deposit coins to the platform. GTM Coins are the only payment method.

There are three tariffs for hosting masternodes:

  • $0,25 daily write-off
  • $4.99 monthly payment
  • $3.99 for a month with quarterly payments

At current GTM price one month of masternode hosting cost 3,59 GTM and if user choose quarterly payment tariff will pay 8,61 GTM. Let's remind that if you are running GTM masternode on the platform you are earning 10 GTM per day.

Tariffs for shared masternode service will be announced today.