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Divi implements core version 2.0.1 bringing new major features to the network

By Rafał - 2020-12-24

As the end of the year 2020 approaches, full of twists and turns both on a global and technical level, the Divi project team has published the new release 2.0.1 mandatory to be installed by December 31 providing several major features for the community but also some fixes and smaller updated for the Divi ecosystem.

First of all, this version integrates staking vaults, exclusive third parties allowing to benefit from the benefits of the proof-of-stake model by delegating certain activities. This addition is accompanied by endpoints for vaults operations including fund / defund activities and also requires minimum vault deposits to ensure a great stability without the possibility to spam this function. Other important changes brought by this release are the uniform lotteries (Uniform lotteries’ winners won’t be able to pretend to win a second time and won’t be eligible for the next 4 lotteries) as well as MN remote broadcast and MN remote start functions to simplify the interaction with the nodes and their daily management. The remote start function allows to easily manage the masternode by pledging funds with a signature instead of the standard private-key solutions. Furthermore, the remote broadcast functionnality will be used to delegate the broadcast step on masternode creation step for a better deployment and use.

Finally, as stated on the official release announcement here, the core version includes some of the following enhancements and features for the community and for Divi investors :

  • Lottery Data now viewable per block height allowing a better control of chances

  • Improved Randomness for Proof-of-Stake generation

  • Autocombine stakes can now be disabled in the configs by setting -autocombine=0

  • Improved validation of masternode pings & masternode broadcasts

  • Optimization of timestamp selection for proof-of-stake

  • MN blockhash based reward attribution caching for reduced memory footprint

The whole details and guide about this new mandatory version can be read at https://diviproject.org/