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CryptoBridge announces its first trading competition for June

By Rafał - 2019-05-28

CryptoBridge has always placed its relationship and desire to be close to its customers at the top of its agenda. The state of the crypto-currency market today and the broken confidence of investors are creating numerous liquidity and financing problems for emerging projects that do not have the opportunity or the means to carry out mass marketing campaigns in order to raise the necessary funds to realize their vision and idea.

In this process of proximity with its users, Crypto Bridge has already set up the market maker program with the hashtag #GetPaidtoTrade in order to encourage potential investors to use the platform and actively trade. This program is both a way to bring new traders to use crypto bridge but also to increase the general liquidity of the exchange which allow projects listed on it to benefit from this exclusive event.

"Traders, projects and CryptoBridge all play a mutually beneficial role.”

Trading Competition Overview

CryptoBridge offers an original trading competition very different from those offered by the competitors on the market. In fact, the competition will reward the best traders in terms of volume and not in terms of profit. This will allow anyone to participate, regardless of their financial possibilities and will significantly increase the volume on the platform.

The set of rules and the general rules of the competition will be revealed and available by next week. It is already known that participants will be monitored in real time in the form of a daily and weekly ranking. The winner of the competition will also win a bonus prize.

The various rewards of the trading competition will be paid exclusively in the form of BridgeCoin (BCO) at a rate pegged to USD.


In order to get the maximum benefits for traders, it is also possible to combine the recently added referral program to increase the chances of winning. The referral program precise that for every 1 BTC of volume generated by the referrals, you will be eligible for $2.50 USD worth of BridgeCoin (BCO) with the option to claim or stake these coins from within the web wallet.

For security and fraud reasons, the accounts doing wash trading will be directly excluded from the competition. The realization of the KYC process (Know your Customer) is also mandatory for US citizens.

If you want to take part in the competition or learn more about CryptoBridge, you can visit https://crypto-bridge.org for the #FromJunetotheMoon.